Step by Step Guide to Install & Run Andy OS for PC

If you are a fan of Android, you must be familiar with BlueStacks as one of the most common platforms to run mobile apps on your PC. After BlueStacks, the second best option to easily synchronize your mobile with your laptop is Andy OS. Apart from just orchestrating the two mediums to access apps and games online, it also allows you to upgrade latest Android features. Andy OS also offers unlimited storage capacity.


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Where mobile phones restrict your gaming experience on a short screen, Andy OS resolves this issue. It has Google Play Store and Android UI embedded inside it and comes with a multi touch support. If you are a fun lover, then you can enjoy a wide variety of fun Android games and applications from your mobile to your PC.

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Apart from these apps, it also successfully runs all your communication apps such as Viber, whatsapp and snapchat. It caters to the problem of storage capacity and limit which you might be facing on your mobile phone and usually runs on Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Andy OS offers a broad spectrum of features for its users. It offers camera integration, microphone integration, multi touch support, ARM support, Android UI and much more.


Included here we have Step by Step Guide to Install & Run Andy OS for PC making it easier for you to access Android on your PC, Laptops & Computers.


Step by Step Guide to Install & Run Andy OS for PC

  1. You will need to Download Andy OS installer on your PC in order to run the emulator.
  2. Now follow the given instructions and run Andy OS on your computer screen. Agree to the terms and conditions.
  3. After you are done with the installation, launch it from all the programs.


4. The configuration will take a little time so wait for a while till it gets done.

5. After you have configured Andy, select the language you desire and click start.

6.In order to proceed further with the setup, you need to create a google account. If you have one, perfect, otherwise build it up straight away.

7. Log in using your Google Account and after that Andy will take you to the home screen of virtual Android.

8. Unlock the device by dragging your bolt towards the rightAndy OS terms and conditions

9. Now click on the dotted circled button in the bottom-middle of the screen to boot your applications in Andy OS.

10. Start Google Play Store from all applications

11. You can now install your desired games and apps from google play store.


Andy OS homescreen

12. All newly installed games and apps will now be seen under the “uncategorized” tab in all apps menu.

13. You can now play your favorite games by opening them and following the given instructions.


Now let’s proceed further and see as how you can use AndyOS on PC to run Android Apps & Games for Computer & Laptops.


A Guide to use AndyOS to Run Android Apps & Games on PC

  1. Once you are done installing AndyOS using the steps we have mentioned in the previous part, navigate to Home Screen.
  2. Once done, you will find a Play Store icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the Play Store icon and navigate to the relevant page.
  4. Either use the Apps suggested by the Play Store to Download
  5. Or You can use the search bar in the Play Store to locate the Game or App you wish to Play.
  6. Once you have found the game or App, Click it to open a page pertaining details relevant to the App.
  7. Click the Install Button and wait for it to Download completely.
  8. Once done, navigate to Home Screen to find the icon of the installed Game/App.
  9. Launch the App, Follow the instructions and Enjoy !


So, we drafted a step by step guide for you all using which you will be able to Install Andy OS for PC. Moreover, using Andy OS, you will be able to Run Android Apps & Games on PC too. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and get hold of it straight away. Enjoy.



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