Run Android Apps on PC & Laptop via BlueStacks [How to]

Technology has never failed to amaze us with new operations and apps beyond our imagination. Developers have always been striving hard to simplify our lives and come up with new things in the market every now and then.The concept of Android, a similar example is not something new to all of us. Android has become one of the fastest growing mobile operating systems worldwide, easing the life of smartphone users.It has allowed its users to enjoy a wide array of applications and tools using “Google Play Store” and adding up on its operations.


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Google has expanded further, offering Android for TV, Android Auto for cars, Android wear for wrist watches etc. Android along with other combinations is also used in notebooks, game consoles, digital cameras and other electronic devices.So Android is everywhere now offering you a lot of services and making your life easy. Its not just limited to your mobile phones anymore.

If you wish to explore Android more and take it to a whole new level from a small mobile screen to a large PC one, then BlueStacks can help you.The vast and in depth technology of Android has allowed its developers to build up on it and take it to the next level.

To enjoy playing your favorite Apps & Games on your Computers, use our How TO guide to Run Android Apps on PC & Laptop via BlueStacks. So, without further delay, let me take you to the part where it has been discussed in detail.

Part 1 : How to Guide to Download & Install Bluestacks on PC & Laptops         

  1. Given below are a simple set of guidelines that can help you install BlueStacks:
  2. First of all make sure you have a sound internet connection.
  3. Secondly download and install BlueStacks 2 apps player on your PC.
  4. Now run the application and follow the instructions given on your screen.Blue stacks guide step 1
  5. Allow App Store Access, view both options during the installation process and proceed with the setup.Blue stacks guide step 3
  6. Carefully select your “Restore” and “Location” options.Blue stacks guide step 2
  7. Now you will have an access to the home screen. It will provide you with a list of options.
  8. You will have to set up your Google account in order to proceed with the installation.
  9. You will see a small device on top right corner of your computer screen. Then click on Preferences > Advanced Settings > Accounts.
  10. Now you will have successfully set up your google account to access BlueStacks.Blue stacks guide step 3

You are now able to enjoy a wide variety of games and apps on your bigger screen.


Part 2 : Run Android Apps on PC & Laptop via BlueStacks [How to]

As we are done installing Bluestacks in the first part, now let me give you a detailed brief on How you can use Bluestacks to Run your Favorite Apps & Games on your PC & Laptop machines.


  1. We assume that you all are done installing Bluestacks.
  2. Now, navigate to Home Screen of Bluestacks Emulator.
  3. Locate the PlayStore Icon.
  4. Click to reveal different Apps & Games being suggested for your Google ID.
  5. If you wish to locate some other title, just use the Search Icon.
  6. After you have located the game, you can click the three dots adjacent to the icon and click Install.
  7. It will take a while depending on the size of the file and speed of your internet.
  8. Once done, navigate to the Home Screen of your Emulator Again to find the desired icon there.
  9. Click the Game/App Icon to enjoy.


Using this simple guide you can easily get a hold of various Apps & Games on your PC and Laptop. This all can be achieved with the help Bluestacks Installation steps mentioned in Part 1.So, get ready for some real time fun. Cheers!

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