How to Play MapleStory M for PC (Windows and Mac)

Your favorite MapleStory characters are back once again and welcome you to this rejoicing new and better experience. MapleStory M has been designed by the famous NEXON Company. The game and storyline is the same, however with a slight twist. The characters are more vigilant and strong now. So, unfold and explore the mysterious journey and the dark secrets. Moreover, indulge yourself in fighting with giant monsters in different scary dungeons and form a group of 10 players playing with your loved ones. Your favorite characters are waiting for you. In addition, the gameplay is simple and straightforward, but hard to master.

MapleStory M

Also, you will encounter five explorers at your disposal – Dark Knight, Night Lord, Bishop, Corsair, and Bowmaster. Not just this, all of these explorers are unique in their skills, and abilities, so explore the Maple World with them.You can even customize the look of your explorer as you like. You have different skills like Slash Blast, Piercing Drive, Charge, Dark Impale that are available for use after reaching different levels- Learn How to Play MapleStory M for PC (Windows and Mac) on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP & MAC. On the contrary, if you wish and feel like playing it typically on your mobile phone or your tablet, you can so it with the help of Google Play Store.

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